Bacteria and other Causes of Tooth Decay

Bacteria and other Causes of Tooth Decay: ¬†Bacteria Cause Cavities:There are hundreds of different types of bacteria found on your teeth. They live in the grooves and grooves found on the surface of the tooth. They can even stick to the smooth surfaces of the teeth, such as along the gum line. The “scum” that

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tooth decay

Tooth decay Reasons, Types and Cures

Reasons of Tooth Decay Tooth decay is the damage of the outer surface of a tooth. Tooth decay is also recognize as dental cavities or dental caries. Decay is initiate by microbes or bacteria that accumulate tooth enamel. The bacteria live in a sticky and white film called plaque. Bacteria get their food from sugar

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tooth falloff

Tooth Falloff,10 New Ways to Fight Tooth Decay

10 New Ways to Fight Tooth Falloff: Apart from the normal ways to fight tooth falloff, here are some new and innovative solutions to the age old problem of stopping cavities and other circumstances that disturb your teeth. The common procedures are clearing your teeth, visiting your dentist frequently, flossing and using mouthwash. But below,

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